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கட்சி தலைமையகம் - சத்யாலயம், No.33, முதல் மாடி, கண்ணதாசன் தெரு, S.S.காலனி, மதுரை - 625010

1. We, the members and cadres of the party hereby unanimously elect Ln.P.SAKKARAVARTHY as the founder president of the party.

2. We hereby elect Thiru.G.Augustine as the general secretary of the party, Thiru.G.Venkaresh as the treasurer of the party, Thiru.N.Paraman as the Vice President of the Party and 31
members as the executive committee members.

3. Our party should follow the principles of Puratchi Thalaivar MGR and proverbs as EVERY ONE IS OURS AND EVERY PART OF THE WORLD IS OURS AND RELIGION IS ONE AND GOD IS ONE.

4. As Great scholar said we shall see god in the smiles of Poor. As Dr.MGR kept up the workes of great scholar. ANNA, Our party should do help to the poor.

5. Service to the poor and friendliness should be our motto.

6. The party's symbol is TWO FINGERS, the symbol of victory and THE PARTY WILL APPLY FOR THE SYMBOL.

7. The Party's flag will have 3 colors namely BLACK, BLUE, AND RED AND AT THE CENTRE OF THE FLAG, DR.MGR'S FACE APPEARS.


9. The essential needs of the poor such as rice, dhal, oil, sugar, Electricity Power, milk etc., will be without shortage of supply prices will be controlled.

10. Education: Our party will strive for quality education at free of cost. Interest free loan for education in India and abroad will be party's vision.

11. Agriculture: Our party will have a focus on empowering agriculture by ensuring water and power availability and fixing a fair price of agricultural produce thereby assuring good
standard of life.

12. Medical care: The quality medical care at government hospitals will be assured on par with private hospitals by ensuring expertise team of doctors and highly sophisticated
medical equipments at govt hospitals across temilnadu.

13. Our party shall maintain uni-lateral trade and economic relationship with inter states.

14. Our party shall be in good relationship with central govt thereby will work for the welfare of the people of tamilnadu.

15. Sports will be much encouraged.

16. Any of our party members shall never be having any back ground of any crimainence of law and order. They should follow secularism and they should discourage untouchability.
They should neither indulge nor be in association with any organization that involves in anti -social or anti secular activities.

17. Holding dialogues with neighboring countries for the welfare of Tamilnadu fishermen.

18. Our party habits. Perfect prohibition is the principle of our party. All our party members should disclose their property and wealth, income and expenditure details to the party.

19. Party office should be named as "SATHYALAYAM".

20. Our party is against any crimes that are against women.

21. None of our party members should have alcoholic drinking

22. Our party shall strive for the doctrine of 'Federalism" and work for people's welfare.

23. The party's foremost principle is to make our country truly a corruption free, sovereign, secular, republic and democratic one.